Top 5 Culinary Schools on the East Coast

Top 5 Culinary Schools on the East Coast

If you desire to become a chef and work in the food industry, you may need to have solid training in culinary skills. This may only be gotten when you go to a school that offers you great teachers, lots of resources and exposure. On the East Coast, there are a number of culinary colleges that you may take advantage of in this regard.

1. The Culinary Institute of America

This is a highly rated culinary school found at the East Coast, specifically with a campus in Hyde Park, New York. It is ideally a non- profit college that was founded in 1946. It offers both Bachelor’s and Associate’s degrees as well as certificate programs. There are majors in baking as well as in culinary arts and sciences. Students are welcome to apply through online means by creating an account at the institution’s website. The degree programs have a number of entry dates for every season, which means that you may apply one year in advance to get a place during the time that best appeals to you.

 To get your Associate’s degree, you would need 21 months of study and another 17 months to get your hands on the Bachelor’s degree[1].

2. Johnson and Wales

This not-for-profit institution offers a range of degree programs including those in culinary arts. It has a campus in Providence and it is from here that you can get the much needed education in your desired culinary arts field. It has more than 17,000 students from almost 100 countries enrolled in both on-campus and online degree programs. There are expert chefs who work as the instructors for those who pursue studies in the culinary field and no doubt, this exposes them to what they are may need to expect in the real world of culinary arts[2].

3. Florida Culinary Institute

With a history dating back to 1987, you may be sure to get the necessary diploma or associate’s degree to initiate your career in the food industry. Also, you may opt for a BS in Culinary Management from the same institution. With its location in West Palm Beach, you may be sure to gain exposure through the numerous restaurants and experienced chefs who may guide you through the acquisition of culinary skills[3].

4. New England Culinary Institute

This institute has been in operation for over 30 years. It gives students small, hands-on classes which may help students to gain the experience necessary to pursue their culinary endeavors. They offer a bachelors of arts in culinary arts, along with several other degree programs available. NECI aims to give students a well-rounded culinary experience with courses in food science and world cuisines[4].

5. French Culinary Institute

Now called the International Culinary Center, this institution, located in New York, was founded in 1984. This school aims to cover every facet of the culinary world, from pastry to wine studies to restaurant management. Professional chefs are brought in to give students the ultimate education in culinary arts[5].

The aforementioned are just five of several excellent culinary schools on the east coast. If you are an aspiring chef or culinarian and wish to pursue a degree within the field, it may be best to do your research on several different schools to find the one which may be best suited for you.



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